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How American Education Favors the Wealthy

Everyone wants their children to succeed, and money is an obvious advantage. But do we have an educational system that deepens economic inequality by favoring the wealthy? In 2013, I ...
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understanding how money works

6 Key Principles for Building Wealth

Do you understand how money works? We buy stuff and we sell stuff using money. It seems pretty simple, right? If money is so simple, why do the bottom 50% ...
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Investing in Marijuana: 3 Stocks to Watch

While the United States continues its confusing and drawn-out process of marijuana-legalization on the state level, Canada became the first industrialized country to legalize recreational weed on October 17th, 2018 ...
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The Rich Are Getting Richer, So Why Aren’t You?

Are you getting richer or poorer? If you’re not sure, let me help you out. Do you have enough money to cover a $1k emergency? Did you know that 35% ...
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stock market bloodbath and recession proof investments

Bloodbath – How Did Our “Recession-Proof Investments” Fare Yesterday?

Yesterday’s stock market was an an awful one from opening to close, there’s no two ways about it. What we just saw was the fourth largest single-day point loss in the ...
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making 100k by age 25

Four Careers For a $100k Salary by 25

Ask yourself: What is my primary motivation for reading career and wealth advice on the internet? I already know the answer for the large majority of the younger crowd. It’s ...
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recession-proof investment options

Recession-Proof Investments for a Down Economy

Have you ever thought it might be possible to thrive individually in a down economy? When times get tough in the U.S. markets, the large majority of people get hit hard ...
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side hustle ideas for 2018

October Roundup: Side Hustle Ideas for 2018

Continuing the recently established tradition of monthly round-up posts, here is our October edition. Our last one provided a wealth of great content from our partners out there, but this ...
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spend and save wisely during the holidays

A Creative Way to Spend and Save During the Holidays

Spending can get out of control in the blink of an eye, any time of year. That effect is only multiplied during the holiday season. Between family events and all ...
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silver linings of debt

The Silver Linings of Being in Debt

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing fun about being in debt. Well, unless it’s tied to some investment venture that’s raking in the dough. I bet that’s a lot of ...
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debt-free lifestyle

Chasing That Debt-Free Lifestyle: $45,053 and Shrinking

By the time I got my first big-boy job four years ago, I was $170k in the hole. My first day on the job felt more like a relief than ...
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starting early with a credit card

Why You Should Be Starting Early With a Credit Card

Starting early with a credit card. It’s a piece of advice I wish someone had given me a decade ago. Writing this article today has me remembering my own high school ...
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august content roundup the best from around the web

August Roundup: Valuable Content from Around the Web

The past year of Home At 30 has seen huge growth and creation of so much valuable content. I’ve personally been on board since December. I’ve already seen our site ...
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tips for getting ahead

Working Hard Isn’t Enough to Get Ahead

If you come from a lower or middle-class background in America, you’ve probably heard someone say that the key to success in life is working hard. That’s not to say ...
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5 ways to improve your finances today

5 Ways to Improve Your Finances Today

Everybody’s busy these days, but are you really too busy to improve your finances? It’s always important educate yourself about personal finance. However, there are small things you can do today that’ll ...
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make your money work for you

Millennials Are Doing This Wrong – And It’s Costing Them Millions

As we continue to up our financial game, sometimes it helps to take a step back and observe. What are millennials doing with cash and savings today? How do our ...
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federal reserve and its effect on the economy

What is the Federal Reserve? And Why Should I Care?

Since the year 1913, a central bank known as the Federal Reserve has called the shots with economic policy. These policies have influenced markets here in the U.S. and worldwide ...
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paying attention to geopolitical risk

Why You Should Start Paying Attention to Geopolitics

What if I told you that factory production levels in China directly affect your ability to save for retirement? What if I told you that the outcome of elections in Spain ...
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social security and millenials

Millennials and Social Security – What You Need to Know

For the past 83 years, Social Security has provided people in our country with a retirement safety net. Social Security for millennials is an entirely different story, however, and one ...
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index funds and etf's over stock picking

Stop “Picking Stocks” – Why Index Funds & ETF’s Are Better

Do you believe in the concept of stock picking? Or is value investing and following the ebbs and flows of the Dow Jones a more appealing idea? The case can ...
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talk about money

Why You Need to Talk About Money More Often

Believe me, I get it. In today’s world, unless you’re trying to “get the bag”, talking about money means you’re shallow, stuck up. It means you have your priorities mixed ...
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personal finance abroad, russia world cup

Reflecting on Russia: Personal Finance Tips Abroad

I recently spent a week overseas in Germany, Russia, Poland, and Iceland. The ultimate goal of the trip was attending the World Cup. Seeing England versus Columbia live was nothing ...
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How to Evaluate Your Goals in 2018

I’m not a “New Year’s resolution” kind of guy. Never have been, never will be. But I do have goals and expectations for each year. I’m a planner, a strategist ...
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This FREE Wealth Building Course Will Change Your Life

It’s not too often that something comes around that changes the way you think, feel, and act, in a positive way. That’s exactly what you get when you complete this ...
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wealth creation, millionaire by 30

Five Tips to Become a Millionaire By 30

Have you ever thought about becoming a millionaire by 30? I recently wrote a post about a MarketWatch tweet which stated you should have twice your income saved up by ...
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The Comprehensive Home Buying Guide for Millennials

Home buying can be a daunting task for anybody and it’s proved especially challenging for America’s young professionals. We’re here to change that with this home buying guide for millennials! ...
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Coming Soon to Home At 30 – Home Buying for Young Professionals

Happy Sunday everyone! As the summer kicks off we have a ton of exciting content in store for Home At 30 readers. We recently ran a promotion giving away five ...
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Think Your Student Debt is Bad? Check THIS Out

I was browsing YouTube lately when I came across a startling headline: “student owes $1 million in student loan debt.” My jaw nearly hit the floor. At first, I’m thinking ...
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saving twice your income by 35

Saving Twice Your Salary by 35 – Why It’s Not a Crazy Idea

I read a tweet a few weeks ago that caused a massive uproar amongst sensitive millennials, and felt compelled to respond. By 35, you should have twice your salary saved, ...
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crush it with these efficiency tips

Crush It at Work (and Life) with These Efficiency Tips

How can we begin to think about more effective methods of completing an everyday task? The perfectionist in me is always looking for how to be more efficient in the office ...
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