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We’re Adding a New Perspective!

I thought I was doing pretty well for myself.

Back in college, I held internships at Bank of New York Mellon and John Hancock (if you can’t tell I was majoring in finance) and gained some excellent real-world experience.

I also learned something else about my future career goals and overall life ambitions: I didn’t want to sit in a cubical all day pushing Excel spreadsheets to executives.

career goalsHi – my name is Joe, and I’ve recently agreed to join the Home At 30 team as the first contributing editor.

First off, I want to thank Josh for giving me the opportunity to join such an awesome project. I’ve followed Home at 30 since it took off this past spring; I saw an invitation from Josh on Facebook, had a look, and knew right away it was something I had been thinking about since my own graduation.

I’ve been in the shoes of the people Home at 30 wants to help. We’ve got lots of work to do!

My Path to Home at 30

I’m from the same high school and town as Josh. We both graduated in 2009 and then I attended Northeastern University in Boston.

Like many college seniors, I found myself on the cusp of earning my degree, yet I still had no idea what I wanted to do next. Thanks to those finance internships, I knew I could at least check those off the list!

I was always interested in entrepreneurship, so I started looking for a startup or smaller company.

I eventually found Acquia in June of 2014. The company had just crossed the 500 employee mark and was starting to grow fast. I had absolutely no sales experience, but lo and behold, that was what they were hiring for. I really liked the interview process and the team, so I decided to join.

Looking back over the past 3 years, my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. The company is growing and I had the opportunity to work for 18 months in Sydney, Australia (g’day mate!) to help establish our presence in the Asia Pacific region. I currently work in a field sales role out of Boston covering the East coast, but I still miss the Australian weather and lifestyle all the time.

My role is very dynamic – no two days are the same. I’ve learned a great deal about business in America and abroad. It’s safe to say I capitalized on my desire to stop pushing Excel spreadsheets all day!

Why I Joined Home at 30

The subjects Josh has been educating the masses about are exactly what I wish was covered more in-depth during university. I took a personal finance class, sure, but spending two days learning about mortgages and taking a quiz isn’t going to drill the “need to know” facts into anyone’s head.

working abroadMy favorite part of being at Acquia has been taking what was once my biggest weakness (people skills – I was a big-time introvert in high school and most of college!) and turning it into a major strength. I’ve maintained an interest in entrepreneurship, investing, and personal finance this whole time, which makes the transition to the Home at 30 team a slam dunk.

I think the tips you’ll find on this website, combined with the experience Josh and I both have in the real world as mid-20’s professionals, presents an invaluable forum for learning and discussion on the topics we should be the most knowledgeable on.

What I’ll Bring to the Table

I guess the question you may be wondering is “what is Joe going to do for Home At 30?” It’s a valid question. Here’s what to expect:

Video Content

Videos have always been helpful for me when combined with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to do something. I’m a visual learner, and if I see something on a whiteboard it’s pretty easy to recreate it myself.

I plan to provide video content on side hustle tips, personal finance tidbits, and career advancement. If you’ve got an idea, reach out! Home at 30 loves feedback from the community!

Brand Building

I’ve enjoyed the world of sales and I think every job has an aspect of salesmanship to it. That’s why I’m going to contribute some helpful tips on building your personal brand and selling yourself; trust me – you can never begin doing this too soon.

I can help you out right away and tell you to jump on LinkedIn if you haven’t already. Start building that brand of yours!

brand buildingThe Future is Bright

I’m super excited to share my experience from three years in the post-grad wild and help others find success. The world we’re discussing is a two-way street; I look forward to learning from everyone who is part of the community already!

You guys can find me on LinkedIn and @joesavoia_ on Twitter. Give me a follow – like Josh, I’m a pretty big Twitter user during the day, following tech news, cryptocurrencies, and all that good stuff. Anyone who wants to get in touch would definitely be able to do so there.

Stay tuned for new content on the way soon. Until next time!

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Author: Joe Savoia

Joe is a 2014 graduate of Northeastern University and currently works in a field sales role for technology company Acquia. He has worked internationally as one of Acquia’s earliest Australia-based employees and helped in the early stages to develop that region. Today Joe is based out of Boston and lives in Somerville, MA. Joe’s primary interests vary widely, including everything from robotics/AI to finance, blockchain, and the rapidly evolving world of tech we live in.

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