The Money Master Course Series

Build Wealth Like a Pro.

We've teamed up with a financial advisor to deliver clear strategies for making your money grow. Just a beginner? Don't worry. You'll learn step-by-step, from the ground up.

Learn On the Go.

Time is valuable! Each course is roughly 30 minutes in length and mobile friendly so you can go from learning to earning in one weekend!

Embrace the Future.

Tired of lecture halls, PowerPoint and textbooks? Same here. Our lessons are made with animation software that's sure to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Hands-On Teaching.

Got a question? Have an idea? Be a part of the community and take your learning to the next level with our live webinars.

Complimentary Financial Consultation.

Want a free 30-minute consultation with a financial advisor? That's exactly what you get when you purchase the full Money Master Course package!

Tools and Resources Galore.

We include free wealth-building tools that take our lessons from your brain to your bank account! And quizzes make sure you're absorbing the most important material.

Invest in Your Future Today.

The decisions you make today will determine your financial future. So ask yourself - can you afford not to enroll?

Money Master Intro Course

Master the fundamental wealth-building concepts that'll set you up for success.

  • Pitfalls of Wealth Creation

    Discover the societal factors that keep regular people from becoming wealthy.

  • What's Your Worth?

    Learn what separates assets from liabilities and how to use the most important wealth formula to your advantage.

  • An Introduction to Liabilities

    Understand the power of debt and become savvier with your credit cards, student loans, and taxes.

  • An Introduction to Assets

    Build your money-making foundation with real-estate, stocks, and retirement investing.

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Wealth-Wise Investing

Get prepared to make intelligent investment decisions and earn income while you sleep.

  • Using Your Time Wisely

    Find out how to value securities and why time is an investor’s best friend.

  • All About Stocks

    Learn how to analyze and make money with stocks, risk vs. reward analysis, tax incentives, key terms/formulas, and more.

  • Wealth-Building Strategies

    Want to build passive income you can rely on? See how the experts put their money to work to get maximum value.

  • Creating Your Plan

    We’ll show you how to put it all together and make your custom-made investment plan.

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Consumer Debt Champion

Not all debt is created equal. Crush your debt and make sure you don't make costly mistakes in the future.

  • Mortgages

    Buying a house is a big deal. We’ll help you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

  • Credit Score

    Learn how it works, how it’s calculated, and how you can improve yours today.

  • Student Loans

    Get comfortable with the different types of loans, consolidation, debt payoff strategies and more.

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Small Business Kick-Starter

Having multiple streams of income is key to building wealth. Let's put your business ideas into action.

  • Getting Started

    Learn about the ideation process and how to officially set up your business.

  • Building a Business Plan

    Turn your ideas into profits with a clear-cut business plan.

  • The Successful Entrepreneur

    Achieve and sustain success by capitalizing on opportunities, understanding the law, being a great leader, and learning to delegate.

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