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The Awkward Conversation You Need to Have With Your Boss

Never allow a lack of honest feedback to lull you into a false sense of accomplishment at work. If you plan on maximizing your potential, you need as much constructive ...
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I Moved Across the Country.. Here’s What I’ve Learned

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind. I changed jobs, moved from New Hampshire to Pittsburgh, and then moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle. That last move required a 40 ...
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reasons to improve career skills

Focus On Your Skills… Not Your Title

When I attended college at Wake Forest, I worked hard to get good grades so that I could get a job. Unfortunately, many students still believe that’s the path to ...
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first year writing for home at 30

Thoughts After a Year of Home At 30

You can learn and grow more in a year than you ever thought possible. Late November of 2017 marked my official start as a Home At 30 contributor. I had ...
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What Does Working Remotely Mean

What Does Working Remotely Mean?

We live in a world in which we ask our phones for advice and we start our car’s engine while we’re still in the house. Best of all? We don’t ...
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5 Great Reasons to Quit Your Job

There comes a time in every professional’s life where they have to make tough decisions about their career. One of the most difficult can be whether to quit your job ...
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august content roundup the best from around the web

August Roundup: Valuable Content from Around the Web

The past year of Home At 30 has seen huge growth and creation of so much valuable content. I’ve personally been on board since December. I’ve already seen our site ...
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How to Start Your Career from Scratch

Do you have a job, or a career? If you’re asking yourself what the difference is, this post is for you. Both are sources of income, but that’s where the ...
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salary transparency in the workplace

Salary Transparency in the Workplace: Overdue or Overkill?

If you could find out your co-workers’ salaries… would you want to know? What if, in order to discover their salaries, you had to make yours known as well? Salary ...
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staying productive during the summer months

Staying Productive in the Summer

It’s mid-July and the summer lull is in full swing. Back in the days of high school and college, this meant summer vacation and relaxation. Baseball games a few times ...
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A Look Back on Home at 30’s First Year

On July 13th, 2017, Home at 30 was launched for the first time. In case we aren’t Facebook friends, that’s also my birthday. I just wanted to make sure I ...
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The Secret to Having a Rewarding Career

I spent nearly four years at my first job after college, but I decided to leave that company for another opportunity. During that transition, I’ve gained perspective on my career ...
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Why Working From Home Isn’t As Glamorous As You Think

For many people, working from home every day is a career goal. It’s one step closer to living the dream… except in this case, you still have a job. When ...
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crush it with these efficiency tips

Crush It at Work (and Life) with These Efficiency Tips

How can we begin to think about more effective methods of completing an everyday task? The perfectionist in me is always looking for how to be more efficient in the office ...
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Is a Career Coach Worth It?

Let me guess… You worked your tail off to get decent grades all your life and now you either hate your job or feel underemployed. Despite your trips to the ...
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work life balance unwind from the grind

Taking Time to Unplug – Strategies to Beat The Grind

Everyone tends to get caught up in the rat race from time to time. Between working a full-time job that extends above and beyond your traditional 9-5, contributing to this ...
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climb ladder out of college

Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Straight out of College

I loved my five years in college. It was probably the best time in my short life thus far, in terms of new people, experiences, and knowledge. All good things ...
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i want to work from home

I Work Remotely Full Time – Here’s How You Can Too

I didn’t realistically think I would work remotely full-time until I was at least in my mid-thirties. When I started my career, it seemed like a distant goal; something that ...
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career lessons

Four Key Takeaways from my Four Year Career

Time flies, doesn’t it? I remember my first day on the job like it was yesterday. I remember taking an awkward photo for building security to use on my security ...
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break into djing

Side Hustle Special: Becoming a Successful DJ

Being a DJ looks like a lot of fun. If you show me someone who never dreamed of being a DJ, I’ll show you a liar. Sure, everyone wishes they ...
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international job experience abroad

7 Reasons Why an International Job May Be Your Best Move

The decision to uproot my life at the age of 23 to pursue an international job opportunity was not easy, but I’m eternally grateful I went for it. This post ...
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new perspective

We’re Adding a New Perspective!

I thought I was doing pretty well for myself. Back in college, I held internships at Bank of New York Mellon and John Hancock (if you can’t tell I was ...
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Are You Afraid to Be an Entrepreneur?

Are you a creator? Do you hate the idea of working for others? If so, you have the itch for entrepreneurship. The first step towards being a successful entrepreneur is ...
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rabihah music

New Music Spotlight: Rabihah’s Rhythm Divine

As humans, we live our lives in patterns – every interaction and every relationship has a rhythm to it. Some people can fine tune those patterns and create something beautiful ...
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How to Break into Accounting

Too many college graduates lack awareness of the vast career opportunities available to them.   To help alleviate this problem, Home at 30 asks people in various industries to share their ...
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The Remedy for Unemployment: Put Your Brand to Work

Just because you haven’t landed your dream job yet doesn’t mean you never will. The remedy for unemployment is working on your personal brand every single day. Why, you ask? ...
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job hop

Is Job Hopping Bad for Your Career?

Despite statistics to the contrary, people are still complaining that Millennials are job hopping more than any other generation before. For the college students looking to lead a successful career ...
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college graduates career advice

Advice for College Graduates: Ten Tips for Success

Let me guess. You’re a college student or recent college graduate and you need help with your job search or career. Hi stranger. I’m Josh – the 27-year old man-boy ...
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how to get a job in insurance

Break Into the Insurance Industry as an Underwriter

Too many college graduates lack awareness of the vast career opportunities available to them.   To help alleviate this problem, Home at 30 will ask people in various industries (starting with ...
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Making my first resume

How to Make a Resume With No Job Experience

Whether you’re a wide-eyed high schooler or an eager college student/graduate, the best way to make a resume with no job experience is to get some experience. The second best ...
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