Best Sites for College Students to Find Work

Job searching is hard. It’s especially difficult for college students or recent graduates who want to find their first job.

Luckily, there are more than enough resources available to help you land that perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, there are more than enough resources available.

Because I’m such a gentleman, I conducted my research to make a list of the best sites for college students to find work. I’ll give you the positives and negatives of each site so you can waste less time on poor resources and spend more time being awesome and landing jobs and stuff.

Deal? Deal.

Looking for an internship abroad or part-time work? Don’t worry – I’ve got that covered too:

Best Sites for Finding Part-Time Jobs

Best Sites for Finding Internships Abroad

Best Sites for Finding Entry-Level Jobs or Internships

Glassdoor gives you access to reviews of company CEOs, feedback on 600,000 worldwide companies from current and former employees, average salary information (based on title, company, and location), and you can also learn about how companies interview.

You can search by job title, keyword, company, and location, and they actively monitor their job postings to ensure you’re looking at the most up-to-date, legitimate opportunities available. Not sure where to start? Check out their “Best Jobs in America” page, where they rank different roles based on job satisfaction rating, salary, and the number of job openings.

IF you’re looking for additional resources for your job search? Glassdoor’s “Getting Hired” tools will help you successfully navigate interviews, write a resume, pick references, negotiate a salary, and much more.

Based on the quality of its tools and insights, Glassdoor stands out as one of the best sites for college students to find work.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most important professional networking platform. With more than 250 million active monthly users worldwide, this platform is the perfect place for college graduates to land entry-level positions.

On LinkedIn, you can search jobs by keyword, location, company, experience level, date posted, job type (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.), industry, and job function. The power of the search capability ensures that you spend your time in the right areas.

Need help getting a meaningful connection at a target company? Ask one of your connections to introduce you! To have the greatest chance of success, you need to have a complete, fully updated profile. This helps demonstrate your capabilities to companies and potential connections and can help recruiters find you as well.


When it comes to your job search, is a logical place to start. When you visit the site, you’ll immediately be greeted by their search tool which aggregates millions of job postings from thousands of company websites across more than 60 countries. Indeed was probably already the largest online job posting site before they acquired SimplyHired, helping to solidify their importance.

To get the best results with Indeed, it’s recommended that you upload your resume to help employers find you. Indeed also has company reviews and salary information, in addition to user-generated lists like the best places to work and the companies with the best work/life balance or culture.

An important thing to keep in mind with Indeed is that it’s simply a skeleton. When you apply for jobs through Indeed, you’ll be sent to that company’s website. This can take away from the user experience for some, but Indeed still serves its purpose as an excellent resource for job-seekers who want to make informed career decisions.

College Recruiter has been a go-to job-searching resource for college students in America since 1996. Their search engine combs entry-level, seasonal, part-time jobs and internships from the websites of Fortune 1,000 companies and federal government agencies. They also provide free resume critiquing as well as articles/blogs/videos that can help with the interview process, changing careers, or building the skills to land an entry-level job.

A major benefit of College Recruiter is that job seekers don’t need to register to apply for jobs. While this should give you peace of mind that your resume isn’t being shopped around, there are still reports of spam from users, so proceed carefully. College Recruiter also connects with Glassdoor to give information on average salaries for positions in your area.

One major drawback is the lack of filters in their search engine when compared to their peers, as you’re limited to searches by job title or keyword and city and state. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for at first, you can create a job alert and receive emails when new jobs are posted.


If you’re looking for a job with the Federal Government, look no further – is for you! This website is a no-nonsense job search tool that can help you find jobs in math, healthcare, engineering, science, and more.

When you create a profile, you can save your favorite jobs, receive updates on new postings, and make your resume searchable. Most importantly, you can rely on the fact that the postings will be accurate,  up-to-date, and spam-free.

A unique feature of USAJOBS is the “hiring paths”. If you’re a student or recent graduate, individual with disability, military spouse, or veteran, you can receive preference when applying for certain jobs. They also host virtual events where you can learn about things like the hiring process and writing a federal resume.

One rumored drawback of this site is that when you upload your resume, it’s scanned by a computer for keywords to determine your qualifications. In reality, a Federal Human Resources Specialist will review your resume and come to a decision on whether or not to proceed with your candidacy.

Best Sites for Finding Part-Time Jobs

Cool Works

For adventurous college students who are looking for part-time or seasonal work, is the place to go. The search functionality is unique as you’re able to browse jobs by state or season, and they do have some full-time opportunities available.

When you land on the website, your eyes are immediately struck by the simplicity and beauty of the job ads. At the same time, the job descriptions are very detailed. If you’re open minded, you can explore different categories of jobs like National Parks, environmental, jobs on water, jobs with horses, ski resorts, spas, and more.

Most importantly, job-seeker experiences are very positive on Cool Works. If you have an itch to work in some cool places, check it out!

FlexJobs can help you find part-time, freelance, or remote jobs in the U.S. and around the world. This site is best for parents who need flexibility, people who are in rural areas or interested in working remotely, or caretakers of loved ones with health issues.

Flex Jobs is known for having reliable, updated postings that they research and vet – no scams allowed! However, you do need to pony up some cash to use the service. The good part is that canceling is easy and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Upwork is a great place for freelancers and independent contractors to find work. Upwork’s works by charging companies a percentage of what the freelancers are paid, or a flat monthly fee for high-frequency users. On the other hand, Upwork charges the freelancers on a sliding scale per contract.

The biggest problem that Upwork users face is how difficult it is to match expectations with results. As someone looking to hire a freelancer, you need to have a sense for what quality will cost, how to explain what you need, and take the time to sift through applications correctly.

As a freelancer, you need to find effective ways to market your skills. Don’t submit the same standard application for each job! Having a complete profile, customizing your responses, and being willing to go through a full vetting process will help you land the jobs you want.

Best Sites for Finding Internships Abroad

Global Experiences is made up of 30 staff members who’ve helped over 7,000 students land internships in 11 different locations across the globe since 2001. They’ve placed candidates with more than 4,000 employers, and each aspect of their programs is carefully determined based on the staff’s knowledge of the host locations.

Candidates can search internships by start date, career field, or destination. Which destinations, you ask? How does Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, London, Milan, Paris, New York City, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney, or Washington D.C. sound?

Each candidate begins by submitting an application online and interviewing with an Admissions Counselor to discuss your career goals and background. If accepted, the Placement Team will match you with a host employer in your desired destination.

Global Experiences has great resources to ensure that your experience is a positive one. You’ll have a Program Advisor to help you with professional development and career advising, and you’ll have a Location Coordinator to help you get squared away in your new city.

Global Experiences has an excellent reputation and the alumni can’t stop raving about it. Man, do I wish I could go back and take advantage of a program like this!

Intern Abroad

Europeans looking to find an internship in the United States have a highly recommended resource in Don’t believe me? Check out their Facebook page!

Intern Abroad works with hundreds of companies in the U.S. that are looking for European college students or graduates to bring their unique skills and perspectives across the pond. With 15 years of experience, they’ve helped more than 1,500 candidates land short-term and long-term internships in the fields of business, engineering, IT, and hospitality.

Their offering is centered around two distinct programs – the short course (students) and the long course (professional). If you’re interested in a dynamic internship experience, Intern Abroad is worth checking out!

Final Thoughts

The internet has made it so easy to search for new opportunities in the blink of an eye. To find what you’re looking for, you need to look in the right places!

Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall victim to scams wanting to capture and sell your personal information, so always check website reviews! In my research, you’ll want to watch out for sites like and based on the number of customer complaints.

So – are you on the hunt for a new job? Do you know of any great sites that I missed? Let me know below!

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