Be Money Savvy

“Home at 30 is a community dedicated to ending the student debt crisis by empowering you to maximize your career and your finances. Remember that time you regretted investing in your future? Neither do I.”Josh
Home at 30

Financial independence means working when you like to – not because you have to – and living off your assets to enjoy the life of your choosing.

Home at 30 is dedicated to helping people achieve financial independence by teaching them how to:

  • Beat student loans

  • Find the right job

  • Master their career

  • Build wealth

These days, it’s difficult to get ahead. As college tuition and rental costs rise, more young professionals face underemployment and unemployment. That’s a big reason why 25-35 year olds are living with their parents more than ever (hence ‘Home at 30’). The problem isn’t that they’re lazy – they’re unprepared.

Home at 30 will guide you on your path to financial independence by focusing on three keys:

  • Maximizing your income and minimizing debt

  • Creating a financial plan

  • Making your money work for you

Invest in your future.

Financial independence starts today.

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