What is Home at 30?

Home at 30 is here to help students and young professionals build wealth.

With overbearing college tuition costs in an increasingly competitive job market, we need to gain every advantage possible to build the lives we dream about. Home at 30 is with you every step of the way to help maximize your financial potential.

Home at 30

How Did Home at 30 Start?

Sorry, I should have introduced myself earlier. My name is Josh - I graduated from Wake Forest in 2014 with a Master's and undergraduate degree, no job, and $170k in student loans.

Home at 30 was started because like me, far too many college graduates are leaving school with loads of debt while feeling unprepared to start successful careers. Because of this, Americans aged 18-34 are more than 50% likely to live with their parents.

The name “Home at 30” serves as a reminder of this. I was motivated by my debt and the fear of living with my parents as a 30 year-old. Now that I'm in a much better place financially (and not living with my parents!), I'm helping as many people as I can.

In reality, we need to help each other - it's obvious we can't rely on the educational system anymore.

What Can Home at 30 Do For You?

Everyone has different life goals - that’s why Home at 30 approaches everybody with tailor-made solutions. We provide value through:

• Interactive courses
• Workshops
• Coaches/Mentors
• And more!

Whether you want to be rich, retire early, or just have peace of mind, Home at 30 is the one-stop shop you need to build a brighter tomorrow. Are you ready to invest in your future?

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