5 Books You Need To Read This Summer – We’re Giving Them Away Free

Summer, in most professions, is a time of relaxation and reflection.

Unless you work at an ice cream stand, July and August tend to slow down the workflow a bit. With all of this downtime, the opportunity for personal development comes to the forefront. That’s why we decided it’s the perfect time to do a promotion for Home At 30 readers.

We’re giving away five must-read books for personal growth, financial acumen, and career development.

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Five free books. For you. This Summer. Frick yeah.

Contest Rules:

You read that right. We want to share with you the books that helped give us an edge. All you need to do is:

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The last chance to win is 6/25. The following books will be included in our giveaway; here’s a brief summary of each and why they’re so beneficial.

Be Obsessed or Be Average – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is probably one of the biggest motivators I’ve ever listened to. He went from broke and jobless to being a multi-millionaire flying around the world to give speeches and motivational talks. This book focuses on harnessing your personal obsessions, whatever they may be.

Finding something you care so deeply about, and finding a way to translate that into your life’s work, is no easy feat. Grant provides some excellent insight into how to get closer to that goal. Summer is a time when motivation can take a backseat to relaxation, and Grant’s book will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits – Phillip Fisher

Sometimes, old school is the new cool. In today’s wild age of social media, fake news, and global turmoil, turning to some old school investing tips can be quite refreshing. Phillip Fisher has a knack for making a complicated subject seem simple as can be. This is a must-read for anyone looking to invest in the stock market.

Dotcom Secrets – Russell Brunsonfive free books, free book giveaway, personal development

DotCom Secrets provides a glimpse into the present and future, as Russell Brunson provides a rundown of his own personal experience working with thousands of online companies.

The goal here is more traffic and more interactions with the customer base. Any aspiring entrepreneur who plans to use the internet for driving business should read this book. And on that note – it’s 2018, so it would be silly not to leverage the web!

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

MJ’s book is one of the first wealth and personal development books I read in college. It got me on track to study finance and have aspirations for entrepreneurship in the future. No one wants to be a cog in the rat race system forever, right?

Millionaire Fastlane turns the old adage of “graduate college, get a job, work until 65, retire, die” on its head. This book is a contrarian approach to a lot of what we teach here but provides a fresh perspective on the financial markets. MJ is very much focused on get rich young and get rich quick. There are two sides to every story, and this side is quite motivating.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time – Jeff Sutherlandfive free books, free book giveaway, personal development

Ever wondered what it would be like to 5x or even 10x your rate of productivity? As someone who has seen and loves the movie Limitless, I’m one of them.

This book is regarded as gospel by many of the top tech companies on Earth. Not only does the book apply to Apple and Microsoft, it applies to the everyday young professional as well. Scrum takes a methodical and almost robotic approach to getting things done and cutting out all the noise that tends to get us distracted. The result is a more driven, motivated, and capable you.

Up Your Game For Free

This summer has the potential to be a game changer for all of us. Don’t settle for the status quo! Find the time to level-up your knowledge of financial markets, working efficiency, and vision for the future. Best of all, this entire package is FREE for our lucky winner.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for the self-paced Money Master Intro Course HERE
  2. Share this article on Facebook via the ORIGINAL post on the Home at 30 page

This promotion will run between today and June 25th, with delivery to our lucky winner expected by the end of the month.

Combine our free course with the five free personal development books this summer, and you just might find yourself fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions after all.

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Author: Joe Savoia

Joe is a 2014 graduate of Northeastern University and currently works in a field sales role for technology company Acquia. He has worked internationally as one of Acquia’s earliest Australia-based employees and helped in the early stages to develop that region. Today Joe is based out of Boston and lives in Somerville, MA. Joe’s primary interests vary widely, including everything from robotics/AI to finance, blockchain, and the rapidly evolving world of tech we live in.

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